How 1 minute video clips got me through an attitude adjustment.

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I remember really hearing  SF’s podcast for the first time after asking God to give me the wisdom to know what my next step should be and the courage to take action towards it. I noticed I was slowly becoming complacent in a lot of areas in my life – at work, living with my parents, arguing in my relationships, the list goes on… I felt pretty overwhelmed in almost every area of my life with a strong sense of failure. I couldn’t understand why I was in this place after trying so hard to hear what God wanted for me and my life. It was pretty obvious that no matter what I tried to do I was just continuing to fail.

So I woke up one morning after months of this feeling and finally said, “God, I don’t know what I am doing but I surrender everything to you today. Everything I think I want, everything I can’t understand, everything I’m trying to make happen…. I give it to you.” I asked Him to forgive me for trying to control and plan my life and begged Him to reveal the wisdom + courage I mentioned earlier.

That day wasn’t much different then the ones I had recently been through. I still got frustrated at work, at home and in relationships but I definitely started noticing my own attitude towards it. They say the first step in making a change is awareness and I got a strong dose of that. It was hard to accept! I fought the idea of it being me at first. But the more I noticed myself acting unkind and out of character the more I asked God to forgive me in those moments to give myself and the people around me grace. So there I was, asking God for grace – hoping that He forgot about the wisdom + courage part. Once I came to terms with being part of the problem I really didn’t want to dig in and make the changes I needed to. So I hoped that He would just give me grace, change my circumstances and we could carry on. Needless to say, that’s not exactly how that worked out; rather, not exactly how that is working out. It is an ongoing process….

Once I surrendered my thoughts to God, He was able to start revealing the wisdom I was seeking – and he used a 1 minute video clip to do it! SF packs a lot of power into these videos and I can’t thank God enough for gifting that man with the ability to encourage me to take action to make a change and move past who I was becoming.

This was only a couple of weeks ago! So much has happened since that raw conversation in surrendering everything to God. He has orchestrated divine connections with new, amazing friendships, opened opportunities in my career, given me a home to move into rent-free for an interim, and also closed a few doors. Some chapters have ended that I didn’t anticipate. But when I told Him I would give Him everything and I would trust Him, I had to do it with my whole heart and that meant some things had to go! That is a whole story in itself so stay tuned for those details but He has done big things in my life after I made that promise to Him and I know He can do the same for anyone who seeks Him first.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33

Sometimes hearing something is a bit more powerful than trying to read it. Check out Steven Furtick’s 1 Minute Motivation.. it’s helped me get out of bed more than coffee ever has! You can subscribe to receive these video clips in your email by subscribing here >>  sign up for 1MM.



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