learning to live

Life is full of lessons and I love sharing them through stories, so this is where you’ll find a collection of them. Being in my 30s now, I’ve been through a handful of careers, lived in several cities, been in a fair share of relationships and still haven’t come close to figuring it all out. However, I’ve learned enough lessons to hopefully spare you from having to learn them on your own… 

I believe God loves us more than we can possibly imagine. I believe vulnerability has power and I believe we can rewrite our stories

I’m still learning how much God loves us. I’m still learning how to be vulnerable. And I’m certainly still learning how to rewrite my own story. But in all of the ups and downs of each day, God still gives me (and you) grace to get through them and mercy to trust him.

You’ll learn more about me as I post how God is working in my life and showing up in my messes! My life is an equal balance of faith and mistakes, family and friends, shopping and travel, DIY and more… 


xo kristie

Daily rituals I live by:

Adding a scoop of collagen to my coffee every morning. The serving suggested is actually 2 scoops which is perfect for me since I have 2 cups (almost) every morning. I would recommend the blue (not the green). The green is a beef gelatin – which is perfect for a “gummy” consistency! Check out a healthy, quick recipe for those here. 

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