And so it begins…

This blog has taken me (what feels like) forever to start… simply because I’ve been afraid. And this isn’t the only thing in my life that I could insert into the beginning of that sentence. I could say this business, relationship, conversation, any decision really. There are so many things that have been delayed or dismissed because of fear in my life.

My hope is to inspire us to move past our fears. Sometimes it’s as easy as just admitting them and hearing how foolish they are. Other times it’s going to be deeper than that and need some digging to get through.

You’ll find everything here that’s kept me growing and going, day by day! From all of the little things in life that bring me (and hopefully you) joy, to the real things we can struggle with and try to move past! You can expect adventure details, DIY things to simplify life and occupy your creative side, meaningful conversations retold, how to practice mindfulness and more.

I don’t know your story or what lead you here, but I do know you’re here for a reason! I pray by sharing this journey of mine that you’ll get a couple laughs and feel uplifted/inspired in your own personal journey!

Much Love,




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