Essential Oils 101

I know, essential oils are all the craze. I’m not usually one to jump onto a fad but there are a million benefits for using essential oils. OK, a million might be an exaggeration but there are plenty! Here you’ll learn the benefits of why & how you should start using essential oils. Rather than overwhelm you with all of them, I wanted to introduce you slowly. Here is a beginners guide to everything you need to know to get started.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are non-chemically derived from botanicals. They date further back than I can possibly imagine. The bible actually references the importance of them. Plants are known to be healing and many of these oils serve that purpose. Beyond essential oils being healing, they’re great for everyday health and flavorful/scent benefits!

How do you use essential oils?

  • Internally – you can put a drop in your water, make DIY vitamin capsules, add to a multitude of recipes and more… There are certain brands that are edible so make sure to use the proper types. You can learn which brands are best like the Vitality line and more by clicking here. My personal favorite is adding an edible grapefruit flavor to my water. It gives you all of the appetite control and immunity benefits that an actual grapefruit does.
  • Aromatically – versus using basic store bought oils, or candles filled with chemicals, add drops of essential oils to a diffuser. Not only does this eliminate filling your air with toxins, the scents can soothe, energize and purify your air. And that’s only the beginning. There are so many benefits to utilizing these oils. If you’re anything like me, I’m a sucker for a good smell. However, the last thing I can handle is walking into a candle store trying to find my favorite one. I leave with a headache every single time. This has never happened with essential oils and for that reason alone I’m a huge fan.
  • Topically – considering your skin is able to absorb topicals within 20 seconds, this is one of the most powerful healing processes. I personally use lavender every night to relax and simply smell wonderful before bed. I’m prone to chronic sleep issues due to stress so this has been helpful in a healthier nightly routine. Not only is it a wonderful beauty regimen for your skin but there are so many other benefits. One of my best friends actually rolls her children’s feet with different wellness blends depending on the season. She also taught me that you can use an oil concentrate of thieves for cleaning the craziest messes. She’s a mother of 3 so that has actually been a lifesaver for her!
Edible grapefruit flavored essential oils
Click image above to get your own edible grapefruit flavored essential oil.

How do you get started with essential oils?

Getting started with essential oils is quite simple. The best thing I can recommend is to start with a kit. I’m all about monthly subscriptions and discovering new things in the mail. This is no different really. I’d start with a sample kit of the most basic and beneficial ones, learn your favorites and grow from there. I don’t trust everything on the internet but I can personally vouch for the benefits of this process. Some things can feel overwhelming to start and that’s the last thing this should be. Click here to learn more.

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