Lucky in Vegas (and I’m not talking slots)!

I love traveling with Ashley. This girl brings so much light and love into a room and together we can make some pretty good stories.
We were in Las Vegas with the boutique we’re working with; she of course is there to model for our social media and I’m helping our owner buy at market and our social media guy get a plan together. Ash and I like to wake up early and get some quality time in and catch up over coffee and breakfast. It’s honestly one of my favorite things during the day! I don’t get to see her everyday so I try to soak up every personal and professional moment I get with her on these trips.
So here we are, 6AM in Vegas grabbing coffee at the Starbucks in our hotel. It’s cool enough at that time for us to decide we want to walk across the street to a little park area and get deep and personal for a few. We caught up on everything from – her just getting back from a camp that fills her heart with so much joy and the struggles of how you can feel a bit down when you have to leave and get back to reality – my struggles and joys of being in a new relationship and the ups/downs of running out of town photo shoots and how to overcome certain things etc… Somehow being states away from each other and in completely different seasons relationally, spiritually and professionally we always seem to be on the same page. God uses us to speak life and truth into one another at just the right times! As if this isn’t lucky enough – to have a true sister in Christ who encourages and supports you and gets up early to do life with you…
Fast forward to over an hour later. We’re in our room prepping for the day and Ashley realizes she’s lost her purse! So we immediately run down to Starbucks searching. They lead us to security and still no signs of it being turned in or left anywhere. I’m now looking up TSA rules for her to be able to fly out without a license because it’s MIA in her bag somewhere. We’re asking every potential worker and retracing our every step! To say we had an anxiety is an understatement. I kept trying to calm her down but of course I’m thinking there’s no way we’re going to find this purse that we left sitting around almost 2 hours ago!
Low and behold, she walks over to our little table at the park and it’s still sitting there! This was an absolute miracle considering everyone walking around that area. What a relief!!! We were both laughing the rest of the trip about how lucky we were and needed to go to the tables to win with it.
If only we could go back and truly trust God in those moments before finding the purse. Looking back, the panicking we had in those moments did nothing to change the outcome. It just gave us frantic anxiety while we tried to figure something out. What if we took that same time to sit and be still and ask God to reveal our steps to us and give us undeserving favor? The same outcome would come to pass but we would have done it in peace! Oh, to have another chance at a situation like this to truly trust Him and know that we are in his hands no matter what stresses us out. 
I am so thankful for the blessing he gave us that day. I will never forget His favor in this. I call it luck but I also know it was already planned to turn out that way and we took the time to be thankful in it. Next time, I pray we can be unshaken in the circumstance and trust that He has already worked the situation out for our good, regardless of the outcome at the time. 
My prayer for you reading this is to fill your heart with peace and joy knowing you are in God’s hands all day, every day! 
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  1. Gope

    Ashley has told us this story many times and every time I hear it, it amazes me! We’ve been to Vegas and the thought of leaving a purse behind in hopes to find it again (especially with everything in it) is a miracle! I love your blog and your message reminding us to leave it ALL around GOD is appreciated! I wish you continued blessings in all you do!

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