Think about what you think about.

That thought that keeps recurring. That cycle that keeps playing out. You experience it a million times over and over again. These can be great positive things or unhealthy, negative ones. I was stunned to read at lunch today that we are naturally prone to thinking 12 – 60k thoughts a day, 80% of which tend to be negative while 95% are repetitive. EW! I had NO clue I thought that much, especially in a negative sense, but it seems pretty true if I really think about it! Which has been the new thing that’s kept coming up nonstop lately. To stop and really (and I mean really) think about what you’re thinking about.

I’m sure you’ve heard the psychology behind noticing what you have in the forefront of your mind. For example, if you put a bright yellow Jeep Wrangler on your vision board you will most likely start noticing more bright yellow Jeeps. That doesn’t mean more just magically appear somehow. It simply means now that you’re thinking about it you’re noticing it.

It’s probably been a little over a month since I heard the first spiel on being able to control our thoughts, the patterns we create subconsciously and how to change those for the better. My interest was piqued from the first podcast on it and it’s been constantly drawn in more and more. I’ve heard something on this matter at least 6 days a week for a month now. But it has definitely been with some amount of intention. I don’t think it’s by chance that I started truly praying for God to give me wisdom (and made myself available to hear) that I have since been given a priceless amount little by little.

I’ll never forget the first one by Steven Furtick when he had a guest speaker come on and describe the 63 days to reshape your thoughts (more details in previous post of mine). I probably listened to it twice a day for a week straight. I remember going to Dallas that week to work and being pretty bummed that one of my best friends had to fly out for a meeting and I was going to miss seeing her. She and I become really close in California but had since both moved away – she is now in Dallas (when she isn’t traveling nonstop with work) and I’m in Memphis. With that being said, I wanted to see her but I knew her demanding work travels and I was there working nonstop too so it was just a thing I kinda knew wasn’t going to work out. Until I got a call that morning saying her flight canceled and she could come have coffee with me with while we worked our photo shoot! HELLO, MIRACLE! I was ecstatic. As if God isn’t cool enough for having her flight cancel for no reason whatsoever, she was able to hop into our photo shoot and we spent the night catching up and talking about whats going on in our lives.

kristie and charli coffee confessions dallas.JPG

I’m not even kidding when I say we were on the exact same page. She just started a similar series with her online pastor on the same type of message – thinking about what we think about and training ourselves to control it for the better.

What are the chances? I can’t deny God having a hand in that time I was able to spend with her. It ramped both of us up to hear even more of what He was speaking over both of us and allowed us to celebrate how present and thoughtful He is.

The best that I can summarize all of the resources I’ve heard/read on this – we have a tendency to think negatively. It can be a constant reminder of what someone has done to us, a fear of something happening or perhaps not happening, us thinking we’re not good enough, being offended by someone or disappointed in ourselves………  From a faith perspective, the enemy loves us at odds with ourselves in our minds because it’s the root of everything we do. If he can contain us and keep us chained in our minds then he doesn’t have to fear any of the gifts or blessings God gives us because we won’t be able to see or receive them anyways! If we’re constantly telling ourselves that what’s happened before will always happen again and we don’t deserve certain favor or we’ll never be good enough or we’ll never forgive someone for what they did – whatever the thing is in our mind that keeps us back – then he really doesn’t have to worry about us causing him any trouble. We’ll just stay in our same negative thoughts and keep going through the same cycles that keep us where we are!

I don’t know about you but I can’t just let my mind control my life. I’d say I’m mostly a positive person minus certain areas but I have to come to terms with the truth that my tendency to think negatively is real. And I have to combat that every moment every day, especially now that I know it’s a real thing happening and that there are ways to fight it. Even if my thoughts were more positive than the average there is still room in there somewhere to do away with some type of stronghold in my mind. Being a month into this concept, I am still digging to find the root of those thoughts and cycles and I am ecstatic for the process. I can’t say too much progress has happened yet because let’s be real.. these thoughts and cycles are second nature to me so maybe some of them seem more subtle than they should simply because I’m used to them. I can say that since I’ve been praying and intentionally listening, He has started to show me (again, little by little) thought after thought that needs to be brought to light and reframed in truth! I’ll save the “how tos” and what I’ve learned for another post but for now I just want to leave you with one question.

What thought do you keep having that is holding you back?


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